Last year, we purchased a manufactured home from Scotbilt Homes, Inc. (Sandpiper Series) for our mom. We are extremely happy with the purchase and our 88 year-old mom is ecstatic and enjoying her new home.  Of course, like any new home, there have been minor issues that needed to be addressed.  The folks at Scotbilt  Homes have been very quick in addressing the issues. Recently we had a major issue with the water heater that should have been addressed by the water heater manufacturer.  But after they started giving us the run-around, the folks from Scotbilt Homes (Lawanda, James, Richard, and others behind the scene), stepped in and handled the situation and replaced the water heater. Not only are we satisfied with the quality of the home, but we are extremely happy and grateful for the outstanding customer service we have received from the folks at Scotbilt Homes, Inc.